1. Click the book name in the menu at the left-hand side of the screen;
  2. Click the chapter number in the box "jump to chapter" if you wish to read a particular chapter;
  3. Use the mouse wheel, scroll bar and the control buttons listed below to navigate up and down and to adjust the reader pane height:-

    buttons at the top right-hand corner:

      1. go up one verse
      2. go up one page

    buttons at the bottom right-hand corner:
      3. go down one page
      4. go down one verse

    buttons at the bottom left-hand corner:

      5. display fewer verses
      6. display more verses

  4. Use the buttons below the reader pane to print, download or share excerpts of the text with your friends.


Jump to chapter 1

Text taken from Kitab Suci Zabur dan Injil, copyright © 2008, 2013 Pengamat Kitab Mulia.