Editions for E-book Readers and Smartphones

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The text of MyKitabSuci is now available for e-book readers and smartphones.

The pdf edition may be read using amy reader application compatible with Adobe Acrobat.

The e-book edition may be read using the following:-

The links to the e-book edition are as follows:-

MyKitabSuci Psalms and Gospel - .mobi format

MyKitabSuci Psalms and Gospel - .epub format


Steps for installing the MyKitabSuci Java Midlet applications for smartphones (not iPhone)

1. Click on the following links using the browser in your phone or your PC:-

MyKitabSuci Psalms - .jar format - .jad format

MyKitabSuci Gospel - .jar format - .jad format

2. Once both applications have been downloaded to your phone, open their files using "Midlet Manager" or "File Explorer". If the phone displays a query because our application is not signed, answer "ok" to continue with the installation.

3. The applications can be run from the "Midlet Manager" or from "Applications" depending on your model of phone.