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Editions for E-book Readers and Smartphones

The text of MyKitabSuci is now available for e-book readers and smartphones.


This website has the Holy Books Psalms and The Gospel in the online Malaysian edition.

Begin reading your desired book.

Find Information

On this site you can find information regarding topics, names, terms and verses of the Holy Books Psalms and The Gospel.

A flexible search system has been developed using the latest technology with the hope that you will quickly find the information you are seeking.

Message from the Publisher

Peace is what the vast majority of people in this world most desire. The letters of the word for "peace" in Malay form an acrostic standing for "In God we can have a special accord". Indeed the extent to which accord among people is an important ingredient in life is expressed in many Malay sayings, such as

"Consensus brings blessing"

"A circle of water is created by piping; a circle of words by mutual agreement".

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