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Peace is what the vast majority of people in this world most desire. The letters of the word for "peace" in Malay form an acrostic standing for "In God we can have a special accord". Indeed the extent to which accord among people is an important ingredient in life is expressed in many Malay sayings, such as

"Consensus brings blessing"

"A circle of water is created by piping; a circle of words by mutual agreement".

It is so sad to see the gulf between men caused by disagreement and lack of peace. And most noticeable is the fact that there is a huge divide which separates Muslim from Christian, even though that divide was not made by people but by historical forces—forces which acted inexorably despite the efforts of individuals of noble character.

All of us, then, have a vision to apply our best efforts to close this divide of misunderstanding and suspicion between men.

To enable us to reach this vision, especially for like-minded Muslims and Christians, we humbly wish to present on this web site the books which are the means to form or re-form our hearts and minds, soul and intellect. We hope that if we start to learn how to return to a life of peace and harmony, the world will become a happier and better place and God will continue to bless all our efforts to relate to one another in peace and security.